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Power & free conveyors



Power & Free convey­ors: flexi­ble and able to meet the highest requirements 

Power & free convey­ors stand for maximum movement flexi­bi­lity in the tightest of spaces. With the two-rail system of the CSF power & free conveyor, the trolleys are stacked after decou­pling in an extre­mely space-saving manner – extreme incli­nes and decli­nes are no problem.

They are parti­cu­larly suita­ble for diffi­cult environ­men­tal influen­ces, as dirt and high tempe­ra­tures cannot affect them. The robust techno­logy and the great flexi­bi­lity ensure an optimal process and guaran­tee the product- and goal-orien­ted flow of materi­als in your company. Points, stoppers, lifting and lowering stati­ons and other compon­ents can be incor­po­ra­ted, depen­ding on requirements.

CSF power & free convey­ors can be adapted to meet indivi­dual requi­re­ments for load capacity and convey­ing speed and are combi­nable with other conveyor systems.

In detail

Highest flexi­bi­lity

Robust and durable chain technology

Complex plant designs possible

Flexi­ble expandability

Best use of space

Techni­cal data:

Convey­ing weight (max): 4000 kg
Max. speed: 10 m/min
Max. tempe­ra­ture: 250 °C
Max. incline: 45°

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