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Circu­lar conveyors

Overhead convey­ors


Overhead convey­ors: robust, relia­ble and univer­sally applicable 

CSF overhead convey­ors trans­port materi­als between proces­sing stati­ons and are a proven system for conti­nuous and cyclic opera­tion. The robust chain drive with powerful motor is used in many areas as an inexpen­sive solution. It can easily be adapted to the existing environ­men­tal condi­ti­ons and is also suita­ble for diffi­cult opera­ting conditions.

Thanks to our own produc­tion in Germany and our flexi­ble modular princi­ple, subse­quent conver­si­ons or exten­si­ons are possi­ble at any time. Relia­bi­lity and the capabi­lity to be integra­ted into higher-level systems make CSF overhead convey­ors the ideal solution for automa­tion proces­ses – now and in future.

In detail

Robust and durable chain technology

High through­put thanks to proven materials

Econo­mical solution for proces­ses with constant cycle times

Available with turning device

Many special soluti­ons available on request

Techni­cal data:

Convey­ing weight (max): 100 kg
Max. speed: 10 m/min
Max. tempe­ra­ture: 250 °C
Max. incline: 45°

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